Road Signs in Japan

Cross Road Ahead Road Junction Ahead
T-type Intersection Ahead Y-type Intersection Ahead
Roundabout Ahead Right Curve Ahead
Right Turn Ahead Right Crank Curve Ahead
Right Crank Bend Ahead Series of Bends Ahead
Railroad Crossing Ahead Railroad Crossing Ahead
School Ahead Traffic Signal Ahead
Danger of Skidding Danger Falling Rocks
Bumpy Road Ahead Merging Traffic Ahead
Road Narrows Ahead Road Narrows Ahead
Care for Oncoming Vehicles 10% Gradient Uphill Ahead
10% Gradient Downhill Ahead Road Work Ahead
Danger Side Wind Danger Animals Jumping out
Danger etc. Bike/Pedestrian Crossing
Two Bikes Lane Cars can Drive on Railroad
Parking Permitted Standing Permitted
High Priority Road Center Line of Road
Stop Line Pedestrian Crossing
Pedestrian Crossing Bike Crossing
Safety Zone(Traffic Island) No Vehicle Zone Ahead
No Vehicle Zone Ahead . .