A Hundred Kilometer Cycle Marathon(Twin Ring Motegi)
January 4
Nearest Point
Phone Number
Entry fee

(@Jan. 2005)
Route map

Left bank 82.8Km point of the Kokaigawa River
120-1 Hiyama Motegi Haga-County Tochigi-pref.
Adults: 7000 yen
Junior High School/High School Students: 6000 yen

A Hundred Kilometer Cycle Marathon is held at the Twin Ring Motegi auto race course.
Runners must run a hundred kilometers in four hours. The leader runs in two hours and half, but it is too hard to finish in time as the course
has some slopes.
I went there for cheering my friends in 2005
Fuu-san who has visited my home page frequently wan the
fourth prize, and Nemoto-kun of Tega CSC wan the fifth prize.