3rensho club senior team Activity
Activity plan in 2009
Jan. 3 Visiting Fusebenten Temple 42Km 21 Fujii & Shiina Gather 9:00a.m.
Feb. 14 Survival Walk (Walk from Abiko to Ginza Tokyo) Km . Suzuki Gather 7:00a.m. at Abiko Station.
Mar. 15 Kasai-rinkai Park Tour Km . Okazaki .
Apr. 5 Cherry blossom-viewing Tour Km . . Destination depends on the blooming
May 10 Hirose river Tour (Partially use train) Km . Kaneko Gather 7:00a.m.
Jun. 7 Itako Iris Festival Tour 130 Km . Miura .
Jul. 5 Sekiyado & Lake Watarase Tour 130 Km . Kaneko .
Aug. 8, 9 Mt. Tsukuba and Lake Kasumigaura Tour 220 Km . Mise & Shiina Gather 7:00a.m.
Aug. 21-23 Long Tour (To be decided) . . .
Sept. 6 Tour to and from Choshi city 200 Km . Horibata & Nishibori Gather 6:00a.m.
Oct. 4 Headwaters of Arakawa river Tour(Partially use train) Km . Shiina Gather 7:00a.m.
Nov. 8 Joban road Tour (Partially use train) 70 Km . Fujii Gather 6:30a.m. at Toride Station
Dec. 30 Year-end Party --- . . Gather 3:00p.m.
Unless otherwise described, gather at 7:45a.m. at the parking lot of Teganuma Shinsui-koen Park in Abiko City Chiba Prefecture.

Joining Chiba Cycling Association in Tour
Activity plan in 2009
Jan. 11 New Year Visiting Naritasan Temple Tour Km
Mar. 1 South-Boso Rape Blossoms Tour 60 Km
Gathering place and time will be decided separately by the participants of club member, matching with the event plan.
** Entry means the number of persons of our club member entered.